We are a well integrated team and and we create such teams for our business partners.

We have gathered our experience over the years

Our Story. In BeUsable we are focused to support our partners in reaching their business goals by ensuring the most significant resource - a highly specialized and dedicated work team. Those are our core values and our goal is to recruit specialists who share our perspective. We do believe that …

We do know that business is about team players - not only professional competence is the clue to success but also dedication and effective cooperating skills.

Our company is founded.
We begin a cooperation with a young danish startup - AirHelp
employment in Airhelp exceeds 200 specialists.
One of the biggest online print shops german UnitedPrint becomes a customer ou ours
an austrian RateBoard becomes our client.
At the same time we earn the trust of 24estore which is among biggest players on scandinavian e-commerce market.

Know us better

Tomasz Kolaszyński - CEO & founder
I am a manager with 15 years of business experience in management field. My experience covers different development stages of organizations which includes startups in idea or seed-phase as well as developed businesses in growth with a strong necessity to optimize its core resources.

We have extensive experience

Founded in 2014, we achieved to develop a large international customer network among whom are such companies like danish AirHelp, british UnitedPrint or norwegian 24estore.

We know You need an effective team to achieve your goals

By now, the total number of our employees exceeds 500 and we continue to develop our business. We trust in teamwork and effective cooperation. It provides us both skills and knowledge bo create such teams for our partners.

We select a team that will suit your organization

Never the opposite. We make our own ‘due diligence’ for each project and it does not only means information based on information we get from our partner. We proudly admit that we are the only one on the market who becomes for a while a part of your business in order to experience its organizational culture, structure and core values. Our extensive busienss experience has learned us to be good observers.

Comprehensive services - we not only create, but also manage projects

We do not limit ourselves to create teams for our partners but we also take care about all formalities related to employment as well as we ensure suitable workplace and its equipment. We offer comprehensive management support to our Partners which means we effectively manage the team.

We invest in IT ideas

Our startups
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