At the beginning we create a vision and team profile together - then we build the team


We build teams and manage them in effective way
We recognize your needs
We approach every project individually. Before recruitment process for project team begins, we focus our efforts to recognize its requirements and needs. Thereafter we begin to build a detailed team profile by consulting with Partner desired skills and competence. In next step we take the role of observers in a day-to-day company life where we focus our attention on employees and already existing teams at work. We become for a while a part of the organization in order experience its core values, working style and environment. Gathered experience enables us to create a detailed team profile for future employees who will match the organization perfectly.
We recruit together the right team
Having a vision of the project team we can proceed with recruitment. Our highly qualified recruiters can assure finding the best matching specialists. We manage the entire recruitment process but it is our Partner who will take a final decision about employment. We certainly support our partner in decision making.
We create the workplace
We prepare a future workplace for the team - we organize an office and essential work equipment. We make our best to match the new workplace style to Partner’s headquarters. We do realize the fact that it has to be a friendly place as the team will be working there on several business projects.
Launching the team
As we employ the team members we take over all responsibilities which deal with employment itself. Thereafter we prepare the team to launch. We provide to all team members an introductory training and meeting with Partner himself so they can experience being a part of company and be known with core values and rules in organization. As a result our Partner gets a trained and ready-to-work project team.
HR and operational level support
We can provide managerial support on request. Not only we build teams but offer comperhensive team management. We allocate resources, manage tasks, monitor team quality and effectivity. We focus on the sense of urgency, engagement and personal development of the team members. Effective leadership enables reaching business goals and providing highest quality of service.
We care about continuous development
Our goal is to build high quality and effective teams with minimal employee turnover rate. That’s why we implement systematic approach to employee training and development aligned with career planning. Keeping the motivation high together with continuous skills development is the key to success for our Partner and services we provide.
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