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We create and develop start-ups. We also offer development assistance to individuals who have an interesting business idea, but maybe they are missing professional knowledge, resources and some courage to turn it into business.
Nowadays markets experience a lot of small initiatives and entrepreneurs ,especially in IT, which with proper support have a chance to become very successful. We turn ideas into a real business and let it grow.

If You have an interesting idea or already have a business / product You want to develop, we encourage You to contact us: startup@beusable.pl We’ll see how we can help You.

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Home Scanner

Homescanner offers an access to property reports of the real estates that are for sale on the market. Each report contains such information as legal status (mortgage register etc.) and technical data sheet with property specification ( zoning plans, land register extract,property plans, etc.) as well as location analysis or real images of the property.
Homescanner is the first and for the moment only available online platform in Poland with access to comprehensive property information. The platform has been launched in 2017 and itargets to individuals whose plan is to buy a property and they search for suitable location on their own. However, everyone can be a potential user of the service - including property market professionals who are searching goods locations for customers.

Homescanner.pl has for the moment a few hundred reports in database, however if user will not find the property report of his interest, he can easily order one and it will be available within 48 hours.


MyFactBook is a tool that enables to count a real numbers of participants of attending any event. At the first step user has to publish an event then send information to all other invited users and everyone who will physically be at the spot of the event can confirm their presence.

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