Case stories



Airhelp is the one of the international startups with the highest growth rate and company’s leading technology and operative facilities are located in Poland. Business was originally founded in 2013 and in a past few years became undoubtedly a leader in air-claims services worldwide. By now the company has employed a few hundred highly qualified specialists who help their customers to secure compensation in case of delayed, canceled or overbooked flights.
The main task for be usable was to set up a polish branch of the business. In a short period over 200 employees have joined the team and bagan work for Airhelp at the branch. Among the employees are IT-professionals such as RoR, FrontEnd, DevOps as well as Project Managers and qualified multi-language customer care specialists who run day-to-day operations in polish, english, swedish, norwegian, danish, german, portuguese, italian and spanish. Not to forget the legal and accounting department. The growth rate of the business has made an extraordinary journey - the average number of employed specialists was round fifteen a week which required quite a focus on work management and task organising as well as close insight at the development of organizational culture process. The team we built was supposed to create a comprehensive platform to deal with air claims and compensation processes. Furthermore, we managed to build and promote the AirHelp brand locally and created a modern headquarters in Gdansk. We are proudly admit we created a very successful and well-integrated team that takes an active part in business development process. Currently Airhelp uses the cutting edge technology and a significant part of solutions have been invented by the polish team with support of BeUsable.

You can contact Henrik Zillmer about references and our cooperation with AirHelp


Unitedprint.com owns a brand portfolio with such companies as print24, Easyprint, unitedprint, firstprint, getprint and printwhat is one of the world’s leading supplier of online-printing solutions. Company offers different kind of printing products that are manufactured using both a state of the art equipment and technological solutions. Unitedprint.com employs over 700 dedicated specialists in a few dozen branches worldwide - now also in Poland. Our responsibility in be usable is to set up and and manage the polish project team. The main goal is to develop an online platform which will enable implementation of online order processing solutions to the traditionally run print houses.
We were to establish a branch office, build a highly motivated team and strengthen the brand of unitedPrint.com in our region. We hired such IT-professionals as Perl, FrontEnd, DevOps as well as Project Managers. Currently we are responsible for the team of fifteen dedicated members and basically for the complete branch in Poland which as a matter of fact has been very successful with the project work so far.

You can contact Christoph Wetzel about references and our cooperation with unitedprint.com


Founded in 2005 24estore ia a norwegian e-commerce platform. In 2017 the company with its 1300 customers became among the most intensive developing businesses in Norway. The platform uses several original solutions which are being developed with help of the cutting edge programming tools. In september 2016 24estore decided develop R&D department and chose Poland as a location. That was actually the beginning of our cooperation as we were meant to launch a new team and build the 24estore brand in our region.
We created a fully-professional team of fifteen employees whose main goal was to develop an intuitive multi e-commerce platform. This solution enables easy and fast establishment of online store without much professional competence and knowledge in IT. We have employed the best specialists in such areas like front-end, back-end, test automation, UX, dev-ops, big-data etc. The team has become very successful with running the project and continues its development as a part of a fast growing business.

You can contact Robert Zwarg about references and our cooperation with 24eStore